EyePromise AREDS 2 Plus (Zinc-Free)

$37.95 – $103.35


Science-Supported Nutrition for Those with Age-Related Eye Health Issues That's Zinc Free

EyePromise® AREDS 2 Plus Zinc-Free is a nutritional supplement for designed with the ingredients studied in the AREDS 2 clinical trial plus additional nutrients proven to support aging eyes without zinc, a mineral that’s potentially harmful to some people.* These vitamins include natural ingredients proven to increase your eye’s natural protective pigment as well as support healthy vision.* Our high-quality, dietary zeaxanthin is sourced from US-grown paprika peppers, and our eye vitamins contain the highest amounts of this critical eye-healthy antioxidant available. 

Why AREDS 2 Plus Zinc-Free? 

    • Each ingredient supports aging eyes*
    • High-quality, natural ingredients 
    • Added Vitamin D, Omega-3s, and extra zeaxanthin for added nutritional support*
    • Does not contain zinc 
    • Complements a daily multi-vitamin 
    • NSF Contents Tested and Certified 
    • 60-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee
Additional Information

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