Regener-Eyes® Opthalmic Solution - Professional Strength (3mL Bottle)




Regener-Eyes® is an OTC Drug that is preservative free

Regener-Eyes® Ophthalmic Solution, Professional Strength, and LITE are used as a lubricant to prevent further irritation or To Relieve Dryness of the Eye.


Regener-Eyes® Ophthalmic Solution helps increase lubrication and hydration of the corneal surface. This helps to relieve dryness of the eye.

Regener-Eyes® Ophthalmic Solution has an excellent safety profile.

Regener-Eyes® is non-steroidal. Instead, it helps to protect and relieve dryness of the eye.

Each product is preservative-free.

Each batch of Regener-Eyes® is tested to ensure quality, sterility, and safety.

Regener-Eyes is in compliance with all Federal regulatory laws.

Dosage and Administration 

Regener-Eyes® Ophthalmic Solution, Professional Strength and LITE: Instill one to four drops, one to four times per day in each eye, or as recommended by your Eye Care Professional (ECP).

Contact lenses should be removed prior to administration of Regener-Eyes® Professional Strength and LITE products. Contact lenses may be reinserted 15 minutes following administration of Regener-Eyes® Ophthalmic Solutions. 

The tip of the vial should not touch any surfaces including the eye to avoid contamination of the products and injury to the eye. Following each use, the screw cap should be placed on the vial and twisted to seal the ophthalmic solution vial. 


Each batch of Regener-Eyes® Ophthalmic Solution, Professional Strength and LITE are released based on the quality and safety of both products.

Storage and Shelf Life

Regener-Eyes® Professional Strength can be stored at room temperature until the bottle is opened. Once opened, it should be stored in a standard refrigerator and used within 90 days.

Regener-Eyes® LITE can be stored at room temperature opened or unopened. Once opened, it should be used within 90 days.

Both Professional Strength and LITE have a two (2) year shelf life if unopened.


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