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 Dr. Ryan Powell is an optometrist and owner of Vision Source EyeCare with 11 locations throughout the Kansas City area. Dr Powell is also the founding member of The Eye Doctor Shop.



 Dr. Jeffrey J Kenyon is the Pediatric & Binocular Vision Clinic Director at West Michigan Eyecare. 




  Dr. J. Gregory Ford is a primary care Optometrist at West Michigan Eyecare with a particular interest in specialty contact lens fittings and eye disease. 




Pamela A. Lowe, OD, FAAO, Dipl. ABO is a recognized leader in Macular Degeneration care and Myopia Management. She practices at Professional Eyecare in the Chicago area. 

 Dr Harry Landsaw is an Optometrist at Landsaw Eyecare in South Florida Click here for more information



Dr Claudio Lagunas has over 15 years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of primary eyecare conditions with an emphasis on LASIK co-management, specialty contact lens fittings, and Dry Eye treatment. 



Dr Cindy Zimmerman is an Optometrist in Fort Worth,TX. Dr Zimmerman has a special interest in dry eye diagnosis and treatment. Click here for more information 




Vision Source Family Eyecare
Dr Brian Eveland is an Optometrist at Vision Source Family Eyecare in Central Missouri. He specializes in contact lenses and medical eyecare.Click here for more information




Dr. Dan Changsoo Lee is an Optometrist in Overland Park, KS. Dr Lee has over 20 years of experience providing eye care and treatment and management of ocular conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration.  Click here for more information