Pure&Clean Lid Prep Hydrogel



P&C Vision Hydrogel uses a proprietary stable solution of electrolyzed Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl).

P&C Vision Hydrogel is an FDA cleared medical device that is great for managing all intact skin.

Use P&C Vision Hydrogel with a lint free pad or swab. Close eye and gently apply to eyelid and eyelashes.

Use at least twice daily or as recommended by your doctor. 

Hypochlorous acid is a naturally occurring molecule that is used in the human body and produced by

our white blood cells to fight bacteria and inflammation after trauma.

  • Use regularly for maintaining healthy clean skin

  • No antibiotics, steroids or triclosan

  • Alcohol-free

  • Non-cytotoxic

  • Non-sensitizing and non-irritating to skin

  • No sting formula for kids or infants

  • Spray on dry flaky skin to improve appearance, texture, and feel

  • No need to wash after use

(2 fl oz)


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