Industry studies have shown approximately 50% of dry eye patients have a mild condition and a simple five minute moist-heat compress can bring immediate relief.  
The Dry Eye Relief Mask, D.E.R.M.®, is our moist-heat compress for mild dry eye. The mask contains Silica beads which naturally attract moisture from the air and release it when microwaved. Heating the mask for 20 seconds will provide soothing moist-heat relief for 5-6 minutes. We supply complimentary samples of liners with the D.E.R.M.® which can be moistened and applied to the mask prior to heating to extend the treatment to 7-9 minutes. D.E.R.M.® is hypoallergenic and can also be used to create cold therapies for allergy relief.


Patients with moderate to severe dry eye require 10-20 minutes of controlled moist-heat to gain both immediate and long-term results. If you have been diagnosed with moderate to severe dry eye, we recommend using the tranquileyes® or tranquileyes xl® to ensure both immediate and long-term relief.


Moisten cotton liner with bottled, filtered, or distilled water, and place over back of D.E.R.M.® mask. Place D.E.R.M.® with liner on a paper towel and microwave on high for 20 seconds (1000 Watt Microwave). Test temperature with your fingers. If it feels hot to the touch, wait one minute and test again. When temperature feels comfortable, gently place mask and liner over closed eyes. Wear for 7-9 minutes or as directed by your eye doctor.