Drooping Eyelids? Try Upneeq!
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Drooping Eyelids? Try Upneeq!

Drooping of the eyelids can be cosmetic, but it can also give us trouble seeing if the eyelids and eyelashes are getting in our way.  For many people in our 40's and 50's we will start to notice that our upper eyelids just aren't quite as open as they once were.  This can make us look a little tired or less bright and fresh.  For some  people the skin above the upper eyelid starts to sag and push our eyelids down, this is called dermatochalasis.  Ptosis is a condition that causes the upper eyelid to sag without the weight of the extra skin pushing it down.  For those with mildly aging eyelid sag or even those with problematic ptosis, a new prescription eye drop called Upneeq is now available.  This eyedrop stimulates the muscle that pulls the eyelid up and opens your eyes.  I have many patients that use this eye drop to give them a more appealing cosmetic appearance and fresher, brighter eyes.  I have other patients that we prescribe this product for to assist them in keeping their eyelids from obstructing their vision.  Ask your eye doctor about Upneeq or reach out to me to discuss how this eye drop could benefit you.  My email address is drpowell@vseyecare.com

-Ryan Powell, OD

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