Talking Cataracts with Dr. Ryan Powell
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Talking Cataracts with Dr. Ryan Powell

Cataracts occur in our eyes when the lens that sits behind the iris (the colored part) becomes cloudy.  For most of us, we will experience the effects of the most common type of cataracts in our 60’s and 70’s.  The process of cataract clouding is most commonly very slow and it is not uncommon for my patients to not realize that it is happening.  Cataract surgery is an effective treatment that can result in a restoration of vision.  It is important that you see a good surgeon for your cataract surgery if you need it. Optometrists are trained to identify cataracts and educate you about your options for treatment. They also know who the best surgeons are and they will send you to the best surgeon if you need surgery. This is one of many advantages to having a primary care Optometrist as your eye doctor.  Our network of member doctors are known as leaders in eyecare and experts in eye health care.  We can also help you find an Optometrist in your region if you don’t have one or you don’t find one from our member doctor list.  


-Ryan Powell, OD

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